Ad platforms are highly suspicious of logins from foreign countries…

Ahhh vacation. Comfy hotel beds…24/7 room service…And ad account shutdowns?

As someone who’s lived in seven countries – and spent years traveling the globe – I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve had to deal with this.

See, ad platforms are constantly monitoring for hackers. Hackers who’s primary goal is to take over YOUR ad account so they can send traffic to THEIR websites.

Because of that, today’s biggest ad platforms are highly skeptical of anyone who logs in from an IP address outside their home country.

Travelers Beware

Now, if you’re not advertising on Facebook / Instagram, you don’t have to worry. If you’re, however, and you travel a lot: You’ve been warned.

See, ad platforms have extremely tight security controls when it comes to processing payments. Because of that, they’re extremely sensitive to billing updates made from any IP address besides your home’s.

In fact, many people have had their accounts shutdown just for logging into their Business Manager while traveling.

Update Billing Info Before Traveling

Now, these kinds of shutdowns can be overturned via appeal. However, the appeal process can take your ads offline for days and even weeks.

Given this, you should not be making any adjustments to your billing info whatsoever unless you’re at home.

Further, if traveling to a developing or third world country, we highly recommend against logging into your Business Manager (period, end of story).

Preempt the Investigation

If you’ll be in a developing or 3rd world country for an extended period of time, some media buyers recommend posting an update to your personal profile that shows your flight itinerary. Then after that, logging into multiple locations in whatever country you’re in before accessing your Business Manager.

While this is very anecdotal, what this does is show Facebook you’re traveling overseas. Which – if our guesses are right – shows them it is in fact you (and not some hacker) when you go to log into your Business Manager.

Use Remote Access Software

With that said, if you have a spouse or family member who will be home while you’re overseas, we highly recommend using a remote login software like TeamViewer.

While doing so may be slow and cumbersome, it sure beats having to go through a long, drawn out appeals process.


Having your company’s #1 source of leads and sales cutoff while on vacation can put an instant damper on your time off. Because of that, we highly recommend you avoid logging into your account while overseas.

And if doing so is unavoidable, make sure to take as many preventative measures as possible (incuding setting up Two Factor Authentication before you travel).

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