Ensuring your landing pages are compliant is no longer enough…

When we think of Big Brother, we tend to think of the government spying on our text messages and phone calls.

So while an ad platform’s compliance department might not be investigating your personal life, their technology is fully capable of spying on your business. Sadly, not understanding this leads many advertisers to get shutdown.

In most cases, they blame the platform and scream and shout on social media about how they got shut down for “no reason.” Upon closer investigation, however, we almost always find the culprit.

They’re Analyzing EVERYTHING

As an example, my partner recently saw an account that got in trouble because the content on one of the pages they linked to in their footer wasn’t compliant. Keep in mind the page in question was a medical study and in no way promotional. In fact, I can’t imagine anything more boring – or less spammy – than a medical study.

However, what you have to understand about compliance is that 99% of it is being done by robots. In particular, ad platform spiders that crawl the web looking for text, images, and videos that break their rules.

In this case, some of the text in the title of the medical study wasn’t compliant. So even though the text wasn’t on their landing page (or even on their domain), it got them in trouble.

Mind Your Outbound Links

Meaning, if your landing page links out to a page (or even a domain) that is not compliant, that’s enough for a violation / restriction. With that said, most small businesses outside the health space won’t be linking to any pages besides the Privacy Policy on their website.

However, make no mistake about it:

The robots / web crawlers these companies are using are more than capable of following every link they find. Further, they can take any URL and strip it down to the base domain in a jiffy.

If You Link To It, It Better Be Compliant

The reason this is so important is because even if an advertiser is using a dedicated domain for their ad funnel, some advertisers are getting shut down for having non-compliant content on their websites.

As an example, if you’re running traffic to DomainFunnel.com, but the footer of your funnel links to the Privacy Policy on your main website – Domain.com – every word, video, and image on your website can be analyzed for compliance.


With millions of businesses advertising on their platforms, it’s impossible for companies like Google and Facebook to rely on humans to enforce their ad policies. Because of this, they’re becoming increasingly dependent on A.I., web crawling spiders, etc.

And because today’s big ad platforms are so obsessed with user experience – and protecting themselves from lawsuits – their #1 goal is to protect their users from any content that could provide a negative experience.

In the past, this meant advertisers had to ensure the page people landed on after clicking an ad was compliant. These days, however, ad platforms are going much, much further.

In fact, you should assume ad platforms are following every link and analyzing every word, image, and video on your digital properties.

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